10 things your real estate agent won’t tell you–But I will

What buyers and sellers should know

In the article by Jonathan Burton, MarketWatch, published April 2nd, 2014, Jonathan reviews the following 10 points:

1. “I’m using your house to sell myself.”

2. “You might never get the chance to buy your dream house.”

3. “My commission isn’t set in stone.”

4. “Your home isn’t worth as much as you think.”

5. “Young buyers don’t want your old house.”

6. “Another agent can make you more money.”

7. “I don’t know anything about the neighborhood you’re interested in.”

8. “I can’t win a bidding war.”

9. “I might be fired soon.”

10. “I’d like to dump you as a client.”

Frankly, some of these points are very disappointing to read if they reflect actual comments made by a real estate agent to a customer. In my years as an agent in the Puget Sound region, I have made a point of always being honest with my clients. I don’t over promise, I don’t lie to win a listing, and I provide the most  accurate market analysis of every property that I’m asked to research for a prospective client.

We hear some spectacular claims bandied about these days about the ability to market listings better than anyone else, selling within xx number of days guaranteed, and on and on. What is true is that there has never been a period in the real estate industry where both buyers and sellers have had more access to information than today. However, deep local knowledge is hard to beat. It has been one of my strengths throughout my career. I also work extremely hard to overcome issues throughout the process of executing the sale or the purchase of my clients’ homes.

It is one thing to promise extraordinary efforts to sell a listing. It is quite another to do the work to ensure that the sale of the listing is completed to the satisfaction of all parties. That is one of the key differentiators between those who are in the market for a quick buck, and those who are in the market to stay, and who hope for repeat opportunities and referrals based on the excellent service they strive to provide to every client they serve.

I count myself firmly in the latter camp. Let me show you the difference between an agent who cares about the numbers they make, and one who cares about the well being and satisfaction of her clients. My slogan reflects my promise to you.

We’re with you. All the way home.