Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter: Ways I’ll Use to Share More With You

Verna Metzger, Broker, Homes and Land Real Estate of Tacoma, Wa
Every year, many of us make resolutions to change our behavior starting in the New Year. Most of the resolutions you commonly hear about have to do with changing bad habits, like smoking and eating badly, into better choices, like getting more exercise and dieting. If you’ve decided to make resolutions in any of those traditional areas, I wish you good luck, and I encourage you to try to stick with them long enough to replace your bad habits with good ones.

As far as my presence on the Internet is concerned, I’ve decided to expand the information that I share to include some of my personal interests in addition to information about buying and selling real estate, getting financing, and similar topics that pertain to the real estate market as a whole. I’m going to share my interests in cooking and sewing with you. Some of the sewing projects that I’ve done are on my Pinterest board. I’ll share some of my favorite recipes with you soon.

I hope that you’ll enjoy learning more about me. I’m interested in learning more about you, too. I have done my best to get to know each of my clients over the years so that I can better understand their needs and goals in order to help them find their next home, or sell their current residence, with as few problems and as many smiles as possible. I hope that you’ll join me as I share more about myself through social networks like Pinterest, Google +Twitter, and Facebook, and using more traditional methods like email, telephone calls, and my favorite, in person. I look forward to hearing from you.

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