Home Selling Strategies from Popular Mechanics’ The DIY Guy

Do it yourself interior painting
Popular Mechanics magazine has been around for decades. Its reputation for providing sound advice and information for do-it-yourselfers is well known. I happened to come across an interesting article, “The DIY Guy: 10 Home-Selling Strategies”, that provides several useful tips for preparing your home for listing, staging your home, and supporting your listing agent’s efforts to make the sale.

Some of the topics covered in the article include:

  • Prep the exterior
  • Prep the interior
  • Kill the clutter
  • Depersonalize
  • Focus on the kitchen and bath
  • Check mechanicals
  • Clean everything
  • Control pets
  • Be ready to show
  • Get out of the way

As an agent with many years of experience, I say “Hurray!” to Popular Mechanics magazine for publishing this article. The article briefly covers the actions behind the each of the topics, and the benefits that the seller will see from completing each step successfully. If every seller would take these actions prior to listing, or while the listing is being prepared, the likelihood of closing a sale of the property at the asking price will definitely improve.

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